Mirror Mirror

You know, I always thought I was this nice, quiet person. Funny too, but harmless really, not too bad. And then I fell in love with this guy. And I mean the real deal, the stuff movies are made of, with an unlikely chance encounter in an even more unlikely place, a meeting of opposites, … More Mirror Mirror

Ni Myk

I am being wooed. I wish I could be excited about it, but the dear lad in question does not speak the same language that I do. I wonder if he knows that the two of us were just not meant to be? Besides the fact that he does not sound like he went to … More Ni Myk

Dear Husband-to-be

Hi darling,   Hope you’re well. Also, hope you’re not bald. Ha ha, kidding! (Or am I?) Just thought I’d holler and say ‘hey’. How’s work? If you’re a farmer that’s real cool, because I’m crazy about mangoes. You could pay half the dowry in mangoes, I know Mum and Dad will understand. How’s Morocco? … More Dear Husband-to-be