I watched a man die

November 2013, Najjera, Kampala. It must have been approaching midnight when something startled me from my sleep. I woke up and heard the noise, my heart thudding. When you’re a single woman living in a two-bedroomed house in a sparsely populated area with low fences then yes, your heart is going to thud when you … More I watched a man die


I once wrote that I have as much business sense as a Nile Perch. And it’s true, apart from that, I can barely count higher than 1000. For that I blame a recessive gene that prevents the neuro-transmitters in my head from firing any time a number higher than 1000 is involved. I call it … More Nonpreneur

Weighty Matters

It’s difficult, writing about something that is so often written about. Throwing my two cents’ worth into the ocean of a quadrillion thoughts on the same matter. Well anyway, I must. You see, my eyes have recently been opened to the fact that a woman’s body is not her own. I’m not talking about belonging … More Weighty Matters

Dear Man Who I Would Love to Call Many Unchristian Names (But Won’t)

Firstly, thank you for your extreme interest in my body parts, shape and overall size. No, it does not make me in the least bit uncomfortable that you have never bothered to engage with me on an intellectual level, but choose only to see me as a moving, living assembly of shapely female parts, to … More Dear Man Who I Would Love to Call Many Unchristian Names (But Won’t)

Mirror Mirror

You know, I always thought I was this nice, quiet person. Funny too, but harmless really, not too bad. And then I fell in love with this guy. And I mean the real deal, the stuff movies are made of, with an unlikely chance encounter in an even more unlikely place, a meeting of opposites, … More Mirror Mirror