I watched a man die

November 2013, Najjera, Kampala. It must have been approaching midnight when something startled me from my sleep. I woke up and heard the noise, my heart thudding. When you’re a single woman living in a two-bedroomed house in a sparsely populated area with low fences then yes, your heart is going to thud when you … More I watched a man die

On being jobless

It is appointed that once in a man’s life he shall find himself in the state of unemployment. First, there is the shock among immediate family and friends when it becomes known that you have entered the state of ‘joblessness’, especially when you, not your employer, are the one who decides to terminate the employer-employee … More On being jobless

Not another circus

When it comes to Christian celebrations, I like Easter best of all. Unlike Christmas, which has become a circus of lights, shopping, sales, giveaways, eating, drinking and unfortunate black men sweating in woolly Santa- Claus suits, no amount of worldliness can cover up the fact that we are celebrating the death and resurrection of our … More Not another circus

Night- Elie Wiesel

A review by Stella Riunga    Reading genocide memorials is not easy. It takes a lot to come eyeball-to-eyeball with the full extent of the depravity of man. I’ve read books on the Rwanda Genocide, on the LRA and the devastation they brought about in Northern Uganda and on the Holocaust, and they invariably lead … More Night- Elie Wiesel