Mirror Mirror

You know, I always thought I was this nice, quiet person. Funny too, but harmless really, not too bad. And then I fell in love with this guy. And I mean the real deal, the stuff movies are made of, with an unlikely chance encounter in an even more unlikely place, a meeting of opposites, … More Mirror Mirror


  Is it weird that when I like a movie, I watch it more than thrice? I like getting to the part where I can say the lines along with the characters. I don’t even need to watch it per se, just give me the audio track and I can roll! Revelation: I am a … More Diehard


Yesterday By Stella Riunga Yesterday we danced, You held my waist and I your shoulders. Yesterday we drank, Wine in my glass and whisky in yours. Yesterday your kisses were sweet, Your touch Electric. Today your face is stony. A cold stare to replace the loving gaze, A set jaw in place of the easy smile. Yesterday … More Yesterday